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Accredited Testing Laboratory (ATL) No. 1078

The testing laboratory has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, PBC. according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 regulation from the year 1994. The accredited activities are organized according to the nature of the tests carried out and the materials analysed into individual sub-laboratories, which actively participate in the solution of a wide range of research projects. The complex analytical centre is able to offer a wide range of analyses, tests and measurements.

Technical Diagnostics Laboratory
The laboratory deals with the measurement of electrical, performance and technical parameters of the mining technology used in quarry mining (excavators, transport lines, backfillers). The laboratory also performs diagnostics without dismantling, measurements via thermo-vision and strain gauge, vibration diagnostics. It also focuses on calculations, entry checks and inspections of steel structures, EMC measurements, as well as up to 4 power supply systems LV, HV, VHV simultaneously (harmonic analysis). The laboratory also carries out noise measurements in the working environment, in residential constructions, in amenities constructions and outdoors, and the determination of sound pressure levels of machines and equipment.
Technical head of the laboratory: Ing. Vlastimil Moni, Ph.D. (tel.: 476 208 681)

Laboratory of air pollutants measurements
The laboratory carries out authorized measurements of air pollutants in the framework of environmental protection and monitoring, as well as parameters of the working environment. The laboratory deals with measurement and evaluation of operations with the risk of fire and explosion of dust and measurement of dust and determination of sources.
Technical head of the laboratory: Ing. David Hirman (tel.: 724 115 255)

Rock Testing Laboratory
The laboratory conducts physical mechanical testing of rocks and soil materials, including in situ material parameter measurements and it provides technical support for the activity of AO 242. The laboratory also performs X-ray analysis of rock samples, mineralogical samples and building materials.
Technical head of the laboratory: Ing. Pavel Schmidt (tel.: 476 208 624)

Laboratory of fuels, wastes and water
The laboratory conducts collection and analysis of solid fuels, wastes and water, including the evaluation of hazardous properties of waste and proposals for their treatment. The laboratory also focuses on the development of new types of fuels using waste materials, including additives.
Technical head of the laboratory: Ing. Lukáš Anděl (tel.: 607 670 768)

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The customer service is provided in the test laboratory with a sufficiently wide range of tests carried out in one place, within a relatively short time and at a reasonable cost, while using the operative creation of a factual test plan, eliminating capacity disproportions, uniform planning, implementation and evaluation of check-up activities, etc. Thus, the results are delivered to customers in top quality and in short terms.

The testing laboratory also offers consultation and advisory facilities concerning the chemical behaviour of various substances, in particular for the purpose of environmental protection. The testing laboratory has qualified specialists who are able to assist the customer in compiling the technical documentation file, especially in the valuation of risks and the search for methods to eliminate or reduce the danger.

The testing laboratory has sufficient material-technical background to ensure the necessary level of testing equipment, gauges and machine facilities as well as a high level of methodological requirements. The activities of the testing laboratory provide its support to the Authorised Body 242 and the Certification Authority No. 3066 as part of the certification of products operating also in VÚHU Inc.

Pricelist of services on request at the head of ATL

Head of the Department of the Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1078: Ing. Lukáš Anděl (tel: 607 670 768)