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Geotechnics and hydrogeology

In the field of engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology VÚHU Inc. provides a comprehensive and wide range of services. ImageIn the context of geotechnics and engineering geology, it forms a significant proportion of activities solving stability problems on the slopes ( both on slopes in open-pit mines as well as on dumps and spoil heaps) as well as in rock excavations and exits. The specialists of VÚHU Inc. from the Department of Geotechnics and hydrogeology provide a comprehensive solution to this issue from the geo-engineering survey, through slope stability analysis, a design of geotechnical solutions, to the project implementation and the remediation work supervision.

Our specialists offer professional competence in:

Engineering geology,
Remediation geology,
Environmental geology,
Mining geology,
Research of geological structures,
The eligibility to plan or design buildings and equipment which are part of the mining activity or operations carried out in the mining manner, to draw up plans and documentation relating to the mining activity or to activities carried out in the mining manner.

We offer a wide range of assessment and expertise activities:

Slope stability analyses and calculations by limit equilibrium methods,
Implementation and evaluation of inclinometric measurements,
Study of tension-related deformation by the finite element method,
Modelling of water flow in rock massif,
Soil consolidation forecasts,
Geo-engineering surveys, monitoring, and proposals for remediation of landslide areas,
Feedback analysis, a definition of the warning conditions and criteria as part of the monitoring systems,
Supervision and geotechnical supervision of the mining designer during the implementation of remedial work,
Geotechnical consultations during the preparation of projects and their implementation.

Within the field of hydrogeology, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of hydrogeological explorations of the territory, solving the problems of mine water, assessment of the influence of hydrogeological conditions and subsequent hydrogeological monitoring. Practically, we deal with:

Proposals for temporary and permanent drainage solutions,
Drainage of open pit mine, their slopes and dumps,
Draining of unstable areas and their stabilizing,
Supervision of hydrogeological works,
The implementation of long-term monitoring of groundwater and surface water in the dump and spoil heaps areas,
Groundwater level and quality monitoring,
Providing hydrodynamic tests to verify the abundance of groundwater resources,
Hydrogeological mapping,

The Department of Geotechnics and Hydrogeology also offers the implementation of UAV Photogrammetry and Air works (offer incl. pricelist).

Head of the Department of Geotechnics and Hydrogeology: RNDr. Jan Burda, Ph.D. (tel.: 725 122 627)