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Technological processes and diagnostics

ImageThe Department of Technological processes and diagnostics carries out in construction and engineering designing, documentation processing for zoning permits and building permits, processing of feasibility studies, elaboration of a project and operational documentation. We also conduct a supply of technological units, consultancy and advisory activities. We have been dealing with this issue for many years and we have specialists from the area and state-of-the-art measurement technology. As part of our activities, we engage in studies and design technical solutions aimed at reducing dust, including subsequent implementation of dedusting.

The main activities of the Department include:

Assessment of structural stability of steel structures, strength analysis of mass elements, analysis of spectra, trending, transmission functions.

Diagnostics of electrical equipment-measurement of effective immediate values and time course of electrical quantities, measurement of quality of supply networks including harmonic analysis and analysis of fault conditions of electrical appliances, measurement of disturbances (EMI) spreading via power cables in both low frequency and radiofrequency areas.

Thermodiagnostics - Measurement of current connections, transformers, equipment switchboards, thermal vision measurement of thermal insulation of building structures and distribution of temperature in furnaces, diagnostics of drums and rollers during mass transport, prediction of steaming and subsequent spontaneous combustion of deposited coal and flammable materials.

Machine Diagnostics - quality determination of the technology of production and assembly of steel structures, measurement of deviations of straightness of trussed structure, measurement of digging disconnecting forces, operational performance of machines and equipment, balance measurement of giant machines and their safety equipment, measurement of weight of machine parts and equipment, including determination of centre of gravity position, measurement of tensile forces in ropes and measurement of stress of steel structures.

Geology, pedology and reclamation design - evaluation of area usability for reclamation and evaluation of soils ability to be fertile including calculation of their supplies. Designing engineering and biological reclamation. Assessment activities in the area of Geomechanics, workability and mining feasibility of overburden soils. Calculation of fixed position inventory and evaluation of their parameters. Assessment activity in the field of searching for unexploded ammunition applying geophysical methods.

Head of the Department of Technological processes and diagnostics: Ing. Vlastimil Moni, Ph.D. (tel: 724 825 767)