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Geological services


Geological services at VUHU, we cover geological services in hydrology, engineering geology, geophysics, deposit geology, environmental geology and reclamation geology.

  • Collection and analysis of historical data: Since 1953, we have been collecting and analysing all historical data, which may include: mining and geological documentation of surface/underground mining, control of historical drill holes on the site, re-sampling of the core, collection of geological and analytical data and the creation of databases
  • Geological support of drilling: Geological support of drilling includes control of the core recovery and documentation. Our geologists are present at the drill hole and control its location, the drilling process and geophysical logging
  • Geological logging and sampling: ecological logging and sampling comprises the geological description of rocks, sampling and packaging of samples, entering of information in the database
  • 3D geological modelling and geostatistical investigation: We generate the geological model of the deposit using standard compositing and wireframing procedures

Soil survey and testing

Soil testing, followed by accurate and reliable soil analysis data, gives the knowledge of the chemical, physical and biological status of a soil that is fundamental to many of the management decisions made during reclamations, as well as during planting. Soil testing enables the planning of cultivation and soil management actions, as well as providing the basis for a sustainable solution.

We provide a complete portfolio of both soil sampling and laboratory testing to provide a sign of potential nutrient deficiencies, mineral identification, pH imbalance, or excess soluble salts.


Our experts are qualified mining experts, authorized geotechnical engineers and expert witness.

Our department for Geotechnics is a multi-disciplinary research centre interested in large-scale stability analysis of open-pit mine slopes, dumps and heaps. We offer wide portfolio of services:

  • soil sampling, soil and rock mechanics tests,
  • project management and geotechnical supervisions of mining activities and earth works,
  • analysis based on limit equilibrium methods numerical, FEM and numerical modelling,
  • in-situ geotechnical test and geotechnical monitoring,
  • slope failure remedy design and back analyses based on monitoring results,
  • feasibility study of the utilization of chosen secondary material in earthworks


Ing. Lukáš Žižka | Head of the Department of Geotechnics and Hydrogeology
Tel.: +420 602 141 038