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Laboratory analysis and measurement

All our laboratory expertise and tests have been accredited since 1994 and meet the strict requirements for methodology and quality of outputs. As part of the activities of the accredited testing laboratory no. 1078, we provide a wide range of tests focused on protecting the living and working environment, utilising state-of-the-art techniques and methods following to European and national standards. Laboratory is also equipped with different experimental devices, regarding pyrolysis and hydrogenation tests, palletisation of various materials and utilisation of energetic by-products.

  • solid fuel sampling and analysing,
  • collection and analysis of various waste materials with regard to their other uses,
  • sampling and analysis of mining water, surface water and wastewater,
  • determination of dust and its dependence on meteorological conditions,
  • determination of noise pollution in outdoor and indoor environment,
  • strain gauges measurements,
  • testing of rock and soil properties, including their diffraction analysis–soil classification test, physical properties, volume change tests, hydraulic conductivity and hydraulic conductivity in pressure cell, unconfined compression strength on fine-grained soils, shear tests, maximum/minimum density, compaction test–Proctor Standard test, Modified Proctor test.


Ing. Lukáš Anděl | Head of the Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1078
tel.: +420 607 670 768

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